Equipment Upgrading and Fusing Information [GUIDE]

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Equipment Upgrading and Fusing Information [GUIDE]

Post  neL0 on Sat Oct 18, 2008 11:52 pm

This was created by Skinny Eddie on the NosTale : Global forums. I did not create this.

I thought I'd share the following info so people can have it at a glance, all together, at any time.

If there are any mistakes, please post them so I can make the necessary corrections.

If people can also add info, also post so I can add.

I hope this information proves helpful to the adventurers of NosCamp!!!

FUSING (Gloves and Boots)
Simply put, Fusing is the combining of the elemental resistances provided by gloves and boots.
SUM means the number of times an item has been fused (i.e. boot + boot = sum1, sum1 + sum1 = sum3)
Raul provides the fusing services.

> boots/gloves to be fused
> sands of dona river (SDR) - can be obtained from monsters (usually in TS) or just buy from other players
> gold

SUM Success(%) SDR Gold
1 100 5 1500
2 100 10 3000
3 85 15 6000
4 70 20 12000
5 50 25 24000
6 20 30 48000

If you fail, you lose your items, and gold, and sands.
I learned from previous posts of more experienced players that:
The defense ratings of the item you put on the left box are retained by the fused item.
The most efficient way to get a Sum5 is Sum2+Sum2 and to get a Sum6 is Sum2+Sum3.

UPGRADING (Weapons and Armor)
Upgrading equipment gives a % bonus to the original value the equipment has.
For example, if a weapon's damage range is 200-300, a +1 upgrade gives it a 10% boost, making it 220-330.
Bill Smith provides the upgrading services.

> weapon/armor to be upgraded
> sella powder - can be refined from gillion stones using any refiner from Raul or just buy from other players
> soul gem - can be obtained by refining gillion stones with gem refiner or just buy from other players
> whole soul gem - produced using gem/crystal/cellon production tools from Raul or again, just buy from others.
> gold

Level+ Bonus(+%) Success(%) Fixed Lv(%) Sella Soul Gem Gold
1 10 100 0 20 1 500
2 15 100 0 40 1 1500
3 22 90 10 80 2 3000
4 32 80 15 120 2 10000
5 43 60 20 160 3 30000
6 ? 40 20 220 1(Whole) 80000

Upgrading can go up to +10 and has to be done in order.
Upgrades from +1 to +5 need soul gems, while +6 to +10 need whole soul gems.
If the level becomes fixed, you'll need a scroll (?) to unfix it before you can upgrade further. That scroll costs a lot.
If the upgrade fails, you lose your item, and gold, and soul gems, and powder.
There are scrolls that protect (not prevent) upgrades from failure so you don't lose the items. They cost a lot as well.

It's only natural that the higher the sum of boots and gloves or the higher the level of weapons and armor, the more expensive they are. This is mainly due to the risks involved in obtaining them.

The information in the tables above (with a little math) can give you a pretty good idea whether prices on such items are reasonable. The general procedure is to multiply the total cost of producing the item by 100, then divide it by the % chance of success. This just means that the costs of any failed attempts are figured into the selling price of the successful ones.

boots (price = 10000 gold)
SDR (price = 100 gold)

boots + (SDRx100) + gold = price of one attempt

SUM1: (2x10,000) + (5x100) + 1,500 = 22,000 --> (22,000x100)/100 = 22,000
SUM2: 22,000 + 10,000 + (10x100) + 3,000 = 36,000 --> (36,000x100)/100 = 36,000
SUM5: (2x36,000) + (25x100) + 24,000 = 98,500 --> (98,500x100)/50 = 197,000

So, reasonable prices from a SUM5 of the boots in this example will range from 217,000-260,000 gold. It's always higher than our computed price because sellers have to make a profit. Anything lower than 217,000 can be considered cheap.

Impure fusions mean that more than one type of gloves/boots was used in the fusion, giving the final product resistances in more than one element. These are usually sold cheaper than pure fusions.

For upgraded weapons and armor, it's the same process, but use soul gems, sella powder, and gold in the computations. Also remember that the rarity level of weapons and armor affects their prices significantly.

For the future:
If anyone knows the values for +6 and above, please post them here.
Costs and chances (I hope) of adding options to accessories.
Rarity level and weapon/armor stat values.
Betting probabilities.

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