10.18.08 [News]

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10.18.08 [News]

Post  neL0 on Sat Oct 18, 2008 11:48 pm

hello again all!

I've been a little busy lately but I think i can catch back up with my edits to the forums...

NosTale GB Updates:

" 1. We fixed: Player could restore others’ Nosmate by using food for nosmate and/or medicine for partner.

2. We fixed: The items related the main quest Lv.43 were increased, if players did not receive them from the parcel and re-logged in the game.

3. We fixed: When players died in Frozen Crown, even if they spent seed of chaos for reviving, they were still lying and could not stand up.

4. When you received an item(Costume/Specialist card) by parcel, a message came out. We changed the message.

5. We fixed: When players had received over 6 parcels, there was an error after they had checked them all and they had received a parcel again.

6. We fixed: If players died in Frozen Crown, they were not under Weakening Rebirth and did not lose their dignities.

7. We fixed: The quest menu for ACT4 in Eril did not exist. (Lv. 81 quest)"

This was the most recent patch update. ;3

Happy Nostaling~ Very Happy

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