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This is here so most of your problems are already answered...
Frequently Asked Questions:

What's a bump?
A bump is used to well, "bump" up a thread so it is at the top of the thread listings. If bumping is overused too many times at once, the posts will be deleted.

What's NosTale?
NosTale is an MMPORG created by Entwell Inc. You can defeat monsters, hang out with friends, get cool NPCs, decorate your own home, and level up along the way with new equipment to wear every level.

Where do I download NosTale Global?
You may download it from http://nostale.net/ after you have registered an account there.

Can we talk about other games?
Only in the Spam Section where it won't matter in the least bit.

Cool, I'm a moderator or an administrator! Now can I close all the threads and make myself laugh?
Cool! We'll just close your account, reset all the threads to how they were and make ourselves laugh.

Are you guys strict?

Our turn: You want us to be?

What is Spam?
Spam is a useless message/email/whatever that contains more useless messages/emails/whatevers. Some contain viruses, some even are the cause of those annoying pop ups. So posting it here on the threads is not needed for.

Ex. "Blah blah blah blah died blah blah blah when you're asleep blah blah repost this as blah blah blah or you will blah blah blah in blah hours. *I didn't start this*"

Another type of spam:
"S> Bushtail 6.7mil!"

3 minutes later...

"S> Bushtail 6.7mil gold still! Please note!"

23 seconds later...

"omg please stop posting this over and over again!!"


next post

"i dont want to lol"

next post

"blah blah blah blah blah! hahahahaha S> Bushtail 6.7mil!!"

You should get the point...


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