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Post  neL0 on Tue Oct 07, 2008 6:07 pm

You obviously didn't think there wouldn't be rules, eh? Without rules our society would be chaos as it's been said like, a million times ...but yeah, overall, there are rules. Laughing

1) We obey all the rules below. king

2) No inappropriate language in any way, it will be edited by Moderators or covered up by Asterisks. (*)
Do not sneak profane language either such as, "l.ike t his" which will not be tolerated and that would be a single warning.

3) Be polite to everyone on the Forums, that includes me also, so no flaming, insulting or threatening.

4) Similar to 3), do not POST any insult, flames, or threat threads.

5) The Spam Section is to talk about nothing, it is not for posting actual spam, if found it the thread will be deleted and so will the player's account on the Forums.

6) Profile pictures are to not be inappropriate in any way, such as showing , un-called for celebrities, and ual activities.

7) Do not use "text drawings" to flame/insult others either. So do not abuse this privilege you have.

Ex. OO----O-OOOOO-O----------OOO

Says, "NELO"

And last but not least...

8. HAVE FUN! cheers

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